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State Grid promotes the reform of power selling side and supports the participation of social capital in the pilot of incremental distribution

Polaris: since the fourth quarter of the year, the central enterprises have made frequent changes. Recently, the operation guidelines for the mixed reform of central enterprises and relevant documents on equity incentive of listed companies controlled by central enterprises have been published, and the mixed reform of power grid, military industry, oil and other key areas has been broken. On November 19, the State Grid introduced 12 key mixed transformation projects, including projects in the field of ultra-high voltage DC engineering, in the Beijing stock exchange, which means the mixed transformation and speed-up of the State Grid.


Important breakthroughs in multiple fields.


At the "open capital, sharing and cooperation - special promotion meeting of State Grid to introduce social capital" held on November 19, 12 key mixed reform projects were unveiled, including Baihetan Zhejiang ± 800kV high voltage DC project, State Grid Xinjiang comprehensive energy service Co., Ltd., State Grid Xinyuan Holding Co., Ltd. - Shanxi Hunyuan pumped storage power station project, Pinggao group intelligent power Technology Co., Ltd., Guangzhou Pinggao high voltage switch maintenance Co., Ltd., State Grid Electric Vehicle Service Co., Ltd., State Grid sijishenxiang location service (Beijing) Co., Ltd., State Grid General Aviation Co., Ltd., Yingda Taihe Property Insurance Co., Ltd., Yingda Taihe Life Insurance Co., Ltd., Guozhong Health Group Co., Ltd., and Guoneng bio Power Group Co., Ltd Division mix reform project.


Luo Qianyi, the State Grid's chief accountant and member of the Party group, said that last year, the State Grid issued ten measures to deepen reform, accelerate the mixed reform, and implement it step by step in the fields of power grid, industry and finance. At present, important breakthroughs have been achieved in many fields. Among them, Beijing Electric Power Trading Center has introduced social investors through listing; Qinghai Henan UHV DC project has determined intended investors and signed cooperation agreements; state grid operation area has determined 138 owners of incremental distribution projects; electric vehicle service company affiliated to State Grid and Evergrande group have jointly established intelligent energy service company to carry out electric vehicle charging in residential quarters Electric business; acquisition and integration of equity of listed company of high beam software, State Grid e-commerce company becomes the actual controller; relying on the existing listed companies to promote the restructuring and listing of information communication and financial business, to help the high-quality development of related businesses.

According to Luo Qianyi, the company's key mixed reform projects are characterized by the following features: first, they cover a wide range of fields, including UHV, energy storage, high-end equipment manufacturing, finance, general aviation, health and pension, etc.; second, they have high technology content, such as UHV, information communication, electric vehicles, etc., which are the crystallization of the company's years of development, and some of them represent the industry's highest technology Third, there are various forms of cooperation, including capital increase and share expansion projects and new projects.

Special high pressure, finance and other fields are concerned

UHVDC project has the characteristics of large investment, high technology level, strong ability of resource optimization and allocation, stable operation and income, so the introduction of social capital in the field of UHVDC project is widely concerned.


The Baihetan Zhejiang ± 800kV high voltage DC project launched by State Grid will introduce social capital including local state-owned energy investment platform to participate in the project investment in a new way of joint venture, and set up a project company to be responsible for the project construction and subsequent operation in accordance with the project capital demand and the proportion of each party's investment. After the mixed reform, State Grid Zhejiang Electric Power Co., Ltd. will maintain an absolute holding position.

In the field of finance, the two financial projects of Yingda Taihe Property Insurance Co., Ltd. and Yingda Taihe Life Insurance Co., Ltd. plan to promote the mixed reform by means of capital increase and share expansion. Among them, Yingda Taihe Property Insurance Co., Ltd. plans to introduce investors who must have the ability to continue to contribute to the company, promote the company to open up the second market and optimize the business structure with its rich insurance resources.

Yingda Taihe Life Insurance Co., Ltd. plans to introduce large-scale central enterprises, local state-owned enterprises, private enterprises and foreign-funded companies with strong strength, with high social reputation. The company has stable and sound operation, stable finance, long-term fund support ability and joint participation in the mixed reform. It plans to raise 3 billion yuan to supplement solvency and meet regulatory requirements and business development needs of the company.

In the field of general aviation, State Grid General Aviation Co., Ltd. plans to select investors with strategic synergy and complementary advantages with the company, including but not limited to the same type of state-owned enterprises, state-owned enterprises, domestic first-class general aviation operation enterprises, UAV R & D and manufacturing, operation head enterprises, aviation airport operation enterprises, etc. After the mixed reform, the company is still controlled by State Grid, and the total shareholding ratio of the introduced investors is 33.3% to 49%.

Zhou Lisa, a researcher at the research center of the state owned assets supervision and Administration Commission (SASAC), said that the State Grid took the mixed transformation as a breakthrough and launched the key mixed transformation work. We will promote reform pilot projects in the field of UHVDC projects and incremental power distribution, actively support social capital to participate in the pilot projects of incremental power distribution, and negotiate equally and friendly ways to dispose of existing assets. At the same time of "mixed property rights", it also actively promotes "reform mechanism", three system reforms, "release management service" and other reform measures, proposes to build "hub type, platform type, sharing type" enterprises, and build and operate "strong smart grid, ubiquitous power Internet of things", which is the development strategy of "three types and two networks". Through mixed reform, the State Grid has actively distributed emerging strategic industries, liberalized monopoly industries, promoted the implementation of reform measures on the power sales side, and built a world-class energy Internet provider.