Cultural System
Because of perseverance, persistence, and faith, we are more professional!
Although our company currently has grown to a considerable scale, our pursuit is more than that. In order to move toward higher goals, the company continuously strengthens learning and business training within company, so that we can improve our business ability and have unified values and beliefs, and are more committed to improving the quality of production and service of the company,The management of the company  is more modern and competitive.
At the same time, our company culture continues to improve with the continuous development of the company, we have our own unique culture, with our own values and beliefs, we pay attention to the actual effect, and we maintain stability; We work together, constantly improve, develop ourselves and surpass ourself ! Our cohesiveness makes us have first-class quality and service to repay every customer. Because of perseverance, persistence, and faith, we are more professional!

corporate culture
To be a centurial enterprise and create the legendary brand
Create a first-class enterprise, make a first-class product and build a hundred-year of Huijintong
Core Values
Fulfill the social responsibility, Carry forward the team spirit, Respect the personal values
Management Idea
Pragmatism, innovation, integrity and win-win
Enterprise Spirit
Passion, innovation, harmony, cohesion
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