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How to explore a new form of industry development situation of market power under | interpretation

Source: China News Network

Recently, the "2017 power industry competition intelligence report", sponsored by the China Electric Development Promotion Association, opened in Beijing. The purpose of this conference is to further improve the competitive intelligence and information service of electric power enterprises, help the electric power enterprises to analyze the industry status quo, grasp the current competitive situation of the electricity market economy, and further understand the national energy strategy and macroeconomic situation. Experts from the national development and Reform Commission's Economic Research Institute, the State Council's SASAC Research Center, China electric power alliance, China electric media and other units attended the conference, and made keynote speeches on energy development, policy guidance, macroeconomic situation, power system and renewable energy development.

China Electric Power Development Association Secretary General You Min in the opening ceremony pointed out that at present, the power industry is facing power to optimize the energy structure, promote the reform of state-owned enterprises, activate the vitality of enterprises, and actively promote the reform of electricity market, improve the level of the optimal allocation of power resources, and actively explore the important stage of the Internet + intelligent energy and industry new pattern of new industry, development at the same time, is also facing the coal overcapacity, coal prices high, energy saving and emission reduction tasks and the power market trading rules should be further improved, the electricity spot market is actively exploring and promoting specific difficulties and problems.

China's economic growth rate is about 6.8% in 2018

At the meeting, the Economic Research Institute of NDRC director Sun Xuegong in the "China analysis of economic situation in 2017 and forecast for next year in 2017," pointed out that China's economic situation has the following characteristics: growth rebound; recovery efficiency and volume indicators; the overall growth rate of corporate profits increased; tax revenue growth back to two digits; leverage stabilization qujiang. These good phenomena are the result of the mutual effect of favorable factors such as the advance of the structural reform on the supply side and the improvement of the international environment. He? Made a prediction of the macroeconomic situation in the next two years. In 2017, China's economic growth will reach 6.8%. In 2018, the economic growth will reach 6.5% or so. In 2018, the CPI value will reach 3%, and the number of new employment will reach 12 million.

This year China's annual electricity consumption growth rate may be around 6.5%????

In view of the industry's supply and demand situation in 2017, Ye Chun, deputy director of China electric power development and environment and resources department, pointed out that electricity consumption also showed a new normal in 2017. Influenced by the national industrial transfer strategy, the second industry electricity consumption showed a "westward and eastward retreat" phenomenon. In the third industry, half of the electricity consumption was concentrated in the East, and the growth of the central and western regions was obvious. Reason: the macro economy is steady in the middle. The production situation of the enterprise has been obviously improved. The new kinetic energy has gradually become a new growth point, and the contribution of third production power consumption is increased to 36.5%. The temperature increases with the increase of the electricity consumption. The annual growth rate of electricity consumption may be around 6.5%.

In terms of grid investment, in 2017, the structural reform of the supply side of grid investment was effective, the investment rhythm continued to slow down, the structure continued to be clean, the layout was further optimized, and the abandoned wind and light were relieved. The power grid has completed infrastructure investment of 412 billion 600 million yuan, up 0.6% over the same period. The main reason is to actively implement the relevant national policies and continue to increase the construction and transformation of distribution network.

In terms of power investment, in 2017, the country completed 197 billion 700 million yuan of power investment, down 17.2% from the same period. The new expansion of the national infrastructure is 99 million 820 thousand kilowatts, and more than 20 million 90 thousand kilowatts have been put into production, of which 55.6% of the new wind power and solar energy are added. In terms of power investment, thermal power accounts for the highest proportion. Photovoltaic power accounts for the highest proportion in new installed installations. The highest proportion of total power generation is thermal power, and the highest average utilization hours are nuclear power. He believed that in 2018, social electricity consumption increased by about 4%~5% year-on-year in the case of stable economic policy and no extreme temperature.

The cost of photovoltaic power generation dropped by 90% in 10 years

Wang Bohua, the Secretary General of the China Photovoltaic Industry Association, pointed out in the report that the cost of photovoltaic power generation dropped by 90% in 10 years. The world's photovoltaic market is in the process of centralization, which is conducive to avoiding trade barriers. The global market pattern has changed from European independence to China and the United States and Japan, and more emerging countries are expected to emerge in the next step. In addition, the diversity of photovoltaic applications also provides a broad field for the development of the industry. He said that at present, the world's main links in the production of photovoltaic industry chain are the first in China. China has been the first for 10 consecutive years to achieve the global output of photovoltaic components, the first 4 consecutive years of global photovoltaic market, and 2 years of continuous photovoltaic market for the first time in the world. In 2016, the global production of silicon wafers accounted for 86.6%, battery chips accounted for 68%, components accounted for 74.1%, and the market accounted for 47%. In 2016, the number of China's top 10 photovoltaic manufacturing enterprises is far ahead. The number of PV enterprises in China is far ahead. There are 6 polysilicon enterprises, 9 silicon enterprises, 7 battery pack enterprises and 8 component enterprises.