Angle steel frame
500kV Shandong Yantai Haiyang -Laiyang Nuclear Power Transmission Line

The Haiyang nuclear power to Laiyang transmission line project starts from the 500kV outlet structure of the Haiyang nuclear power plant and ends at the 500kv incoming line structure of the Laiyang substation. The seashore landform accounts for 8.3%, the hilly terrain accounts for 49.5%, and the mountainous terrain accounts for 42.2%. The entire line erection is double circuit on the same tower, and the length is 57.681 kilometers, 141 towers were built. 3 sets are located in the shallow sea and 1 set is located on the beach. The foundation of the project is complex. Five basic forms such as rock inlaying, picking and digging, straight injection pull type, oblique injection pull type, and bored piles are used.