Angle steel frame
Shandong Yantai Haiyang nuclear power 500kV sent to Laiyang line project

Visit to the Haiyang nuclear power transmission line project of Laiyang since the Haiyang nuclear power plant 500kV outlet structure, ending at Laiyang substation 500kV Line along the coastal terrain structure, hilly terrain accounted for 8.3%, accounting for 49.5%, accounting for 42.2% of mountain terrain. The whole line with the same tower double back erection, 57.681 kilometers long, a group of 141 base iron tower, of which 3 in the shallow sea, the 1 base on the beach. The basic situation of the project is complex, and it adopts 5 basic forms, such as rock embedding, cutting, straight injection, slanting and pouring, bored pile and so on.