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Shu Yinbiao, chairman of the national network, wrote the words in the people's daily.

Source: People's daily 2016/12/14 13:39:21

Shu Yinbiao, the Secretary and chairman of the Party group of the national Power Grid Corp, published a signed article in the people's daily in December 14th. The general secretary of Xi Jinping's important speech on the party in the sixth Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee answered a series of important theories and practical problems of the party governing the party. At the national meeting of the national state-owned enterprise party construction work, general secretary Xi Jinping made a comprehensive deployment to the construction of the Party of the state-owned enterprises. A series of important discussions of the general secretary have pointed out the right direction and provided a fundamental guidance for strengthening the party building and strengthening the state-owned enterprises in the new situation. As a large state-owned backbone enterprise, the national Power Grid Corp shoulders important political responsibilities, economic responsibilities and social responsibilities in implementing the national energy strategy, ensuring national energy security, promoting economic and social development and improving people's livelihood. In recent years, the party to unite and lead the cadres and workers to further promote the company and grid development mode, accelerate the construction of "a strong three excellent" (strong power grid, asset quality, service quality, outstanding performance) the modern company, promote the enterprise comprehensive strength and innovation ability, the value of continuing to enhance the creativity, brand influence, in the top 500 in the world the ranking has risen to second, ranked first in the top 500 in china. The company has 33 thousand grass-roots party organizations and 605 thousand party members, and has a strong political advantage. Study and implement the central spirit, is the ideological and political action in firmly with the Party Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping as the core of the highly consistent, effectively enhance the road Chinese socialist confidence, theoretical confidence, confidence in the system, cultural self-confidence, unequivocally strengthen national Power Grid Corp, and strive to become the six national power grid construction put forward the general strength Secretary Xi Jinping "".

First, loyalty to the party has always become the most reliable reliance force of the party and the state. General secretary Xi Jinping pointed out that state owned enterprises are the important material basis and political basis of socialism with Chinese characteristics. The national Power Grid Corp, with the core business of investment and construction and operation of the power grid, has assets of 3 trillion and 100 billion yuan by the end of 2015, accounting for 6.6% of the total assets of the central enterprise. It is an important economic responsibility for the company to ensure the value and value of the state assets, and it is also a major political responsibility. We will always remain loyal to the party's political character, to achieve a political firm, unwavering line to the party's theory and principles and policies, to the decision of the central deployment line, the CPC Central Committee to promote the firm response, the CPC Central Committee decided to resolutely implement the Party Central Committee, banned firmly do. Consciously in the party and the state need time charge before, in the implementation, the national strategic deployment of the implementation of major heavy responsibilities, striving to be the vanguard of loyalty to the party's cause, conscientiously fulfill the responsibility of central enterprises.

Two, the overall situation of the service has always been an important force in implementing the decision and deployment of the party's Central Committee. The State Grid business area covers 88% of the land area, and the power supply population is more than 1 billion 100 million people. At present, the scale of operation area wind power and photovoltaic power generation all ranks first in the world, and has wide influence in China and the world energy field. Always have to adhere to provide safe, clean, economical and efficient power supply as the basic mission, and resolutely implement the central supply side structural reform, "three to one drop fill", the Beijing Tianjin Hebei collaborative development, the revitalization of northeast old industrial base and other major deployment, promote the overall development of economy, power grid and the main grid and distribution network, urban and rural areas the coordinated development between power grid and new energy. Conscientiously implement the general secretary Xi Jinping put forward the "four revolution of a cooperation strategy of energy development and construction of global energy Internet initiatives, vigorously promote energy production and consumption revolution, in the self built and put into operation four pay five straight 9 UHV projects, accelerate the construction of the follow-up project, better use of network optimization role in the allocation of resources in large range. Actively adapt to the transformation of energy development situation, take measures to promote the development of new energy, with the government's efforts to solve the "water abandoned abandoned abandoned light wind" problem, for the construction of the modern energy system in our country, and make new contributions to promoting the construction of ecological civilization.

Three, the courage to undertake, has always been the important force to carry out the new concept of development and deepen the reform in an all-round way. Reform and innovation is the core of the spirit of the times, and it is the eternal motive of the development of the enterprise. We will thoroughly carry out the five development concepts and consciously integrate them into the work of grid construction, operation and management, power supply services, and constantly improve the quality, efficiency and efficiency of development. Resolutely implement the central deployment of reform, earnestly implement in 2015 and No. 9 in 2015 No. 22 and supporting the spirit of the document, the basic completion of the underlying transaction institution on speeding up the construction of the national electric power market system, expand the market transaction scale, reduce user electricity expenses, accelerate the reform of the bonus is released; to promote the reform of electricity transmission and distribution and sale of electricity distribution business open side and incremental reform, continue to stimulate the vitality of the market; exploring the development ways and means of mixed ownership, and actively introduce social capital, further enlarge the function of the state capital, to strengthen state-owned economy.

Four, in the forefront, has become the strategy of "going out", "The Belt and Road" for the construction of major strategic force. The central enterprises to participate in the "The Belt and Road" construction, the implementation of the "going out" strategy, to co-ordinate the use of two international and domestic markets and two resources, deepen international cooperation, expand the capacity of the international development space, enhance the vitality of the state economy, competitiveness and risk resisting ability. For the "13th Five-Year" and more long-term development, the national Power Grid Corp will be based on current energy network backbone successful investment operation Philippines, Brazil, Portugal, Australia, Italy, Greece and Hongkong and other 7 countries and regions, closely around the "The Belt and Road" construction, further develop the company standards, technology, investment, operation and management the comprehensive advantages, strengthen the sound operation of foreign assets security, accelerate the grid interconnection with neighboring countries, deepen international cooperation capacity, promote China's high-end power equipment industry in the greater scope of participation in global competition, innovative efforts to build international competitiveness of leading enterprises.

Five, it is an important force to develop and strengthen the comprehensive national strength, to promote economic and social development, to guarantee and improve the livelihood of the people. The national Power Grid Corp in important industries related to national energy security and national economy, increasing the value of state-owned assets, and promote the sustained and healthy development of national energy industry, to enhance the comprehensive national strength, promote economic and social development and improve people's livelihood has important significance. We will conscientiously implement the central authorities on the quality and efficiency of state-owned enterprises, fitness and health requirements, strong foundation, enhance the efficiency, strict risk control, to ensure that the value of state-owned assets. We will speed up the construction of UHV, pumped storage power stations, upgrading and upgrading of rural power grids and tackling poverty alleviation and other major projects to drive the development of related industries and make contributions to steady growth, structural adjustment and people's livelihood. Adhere to the customer as the center, innovation service, optimize the service process, make efforts to make customers quick connection, early electricity, use satisfactory electricity, safe electricity.

Six, strict discipline has always been an important force for our party to win the great struggle with many new historical features. At present, our party faces the "four major tests" and "four kinds of dangers", and puts forward higher requirements for the overall strict administration of the party. The national Power Grid Corp will strictly implement the central government's strict requirements for strict administration of the party, persist in strengthening the construction of anti-corruption and clean government, and resolutely investigate and deal with violations of the law and discipline. To educate and guide the majority of Party members and cadres to implement the "on the new situation in the political life of the party" China several criteria "Communist Party Supervision Regulations" and other party disciplines as a major political task, carry out the spirit of education, the purpose of education, warning education, Yan Mingzheng political discipline and political rules, maintain clean and honest Communists political qualities, to ensure the key moment to listen to the command, the emergency rushed up and win.

In order to play the role of "six forces", the national Power Grid Corp must always adhere to the leadership of the party and constantly strengthen the "Three Guarantees". One is to strengthen political security. Firmly establish political awareness, overall awareness, awareness, awareness of the core line, consciously in the ideological and political action with Comrade Xi Jinping as the core of the Party Central Committee are consistent, the love of the party, party, party, party to support the implementation of Hing company reform and development and management of the work. The two is to strengthen the organization guarantee. In accordance with the leaders of "high-quality state-owned enterprises put forward by the Secretary General Xi Jinping 20 words" requirements, adhere to the principle of managing cadres, adhere to have both ability and political integrity to Germany for the first, adhere to all corners of the country, by strict selection and appointment procedures, ensure the candidates cadres politically qualified, the style is too hard, and no problem. The three is to strengthen the guarantee of the system. We should adhere to the leadership of the party and improve the organic unity of the corporate governance, and write the requirements of the party construction to the articles of association of the company. The Central Committee must strictly manage the party strictly and integrate into the management system, improve the system and strengthen the implementation of the system, so as to make the party organization play a role of systematization, institutionalization and concretion.

The national Power Grid Corp will take Comrade Xi Jinping as the core under the strong leadership of the CPC Central Committee and resolutely implement the Party Central Committee and State Council decision to "the four overall strategic layout and strengthen the construction of the party, the company to deepen reform, accelerate development, continue to do better and bigger, efforts to create a world-class power grid, the international first-class enterprise, to achieve the" two one hundred year "goal and the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation China dream and make new contributions.