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Go out: China's UHV is on the international stage

Source: National Grid newspaper 2015/12/29 9:13:10

UHV not only belongs to China, but also belongs to the whole world. In February 7, 2014, the joint venture between Power Grid Corp and Brazil electric power company, which was composed of 51 to 49 shares, successfully won the Brazil beautiful mountain electric UHVDC transmission project. The project will put the hydropower Amazon River Basin in northern Brazil to 2092 kilometers southeast of Brazil, the load center, which has become the Chinese UHV onto the international stage began work.

Brazil's energy is mainly dependent on water and electricity. However, the North energy center and the southern power load center are in reverse distribution, far apart, similar to the uneven distribution of energy between the East and west of China. In recent years, Brazil's economic development is increasing demand for electricity. It is urgent to develop hydropower resources in the northern Amazon basin and send power to the South and Southeast.

So, such a $1 billion 900 million single, why Brazilians eventually "love" UHV? Full participation in the project bidding Gao Li Ying said: "in the final analysis or strength." The national Power Grid Corp is the leader of the world UHV transmission technology. In 2010, when bidding negotiations were in full swing, the company built the Xiangjiaba Shanghai UHVDC transmission project, and set up a successful example of low unit capacity, low loss and reliable operation in the world. In April 2011, the Brazil Department of minerals and energy minister Edison, to visit the company package, UHV technology in Chinese has been proved to be mature and safe, welcome Chinese UHV technology application in Brazil.

In July 17, 2014, Chinese witnessed President Xi Jinping and President Rousseff of Brazil, chairman, party secretary Liu Zhenya and the president of the national electric power company Brazil Costa at the presidential palace in Brazil signed the "Brazil beautiful Santak high voltage power transmission project cooperation agreement". In May 19th this year, the founding ceremony of Brazil's beautiful Santak high voltage transmission project was held in Brasilia, capital of Brazil. The Prime Minister of the State Council, Li Keqiang, who is visiting Brazil and Rousseff, the president of Brazil, attended the foundation laying ceremony and unveiled the foundation for the project.

The mainstream media in Brazil generally commented that the excellent UHV technology of China National Power Grid Corp has brought the best solution for the energy transmission of Brazil, and will benefit the Brazil people. Brazil large Transmission Companies Association Council and the shareholders' meeting, members of the Ramon de Sade, Hadad also wrote that the project is "beautiful mountain UHV power grid and clean energy" in the South American demonstration UHV technology and global energy Internet construction in the world within the scope of the new starting point.

Just a whole year after the signing of the project cooperation agreement in the first phase of the beautiful mountain, the company's independent participation in the two phase of the beautiful mountain franchise is successful again. After the announcement, the entire team held the hand tightly together to celebrate. The two phase of the project will be the first special high voltage transmission project which is the first independent investment, construction and operation of the company overseas. In October 22nd, the Brazil power holding company of the State Grid and the Brazil Electricity Regulatory Bureau signed the two phase project concession agreement for a period of 30 years, which indicates that the two phase project has officially entered the implementation stage.

Brazil beautiful mountain phase, the two phase of the project, the implementation of UHV technology going out, the company UHV strategy and technology advantage into international competitive advantage, greatly enhance the "China manufacturing" global influence and competitiveness, and effectively promoted China's high pressure and other high-end equipment exports. According to the estimation, the two phase project will drive nearly 5 billion yuan of domestic power equipment exports, and create 16 thousand jobs for the local authorities, so as to achieve mutual benefit and win-win cooperation between China and Pakistan.